Whanau Ora Support Services (Adults and whanau)

The Auckland DHB also has a current Maori Health Plan (2016-17) that identifies the activities of the DHB in relation to improving health outcomes for Maori within the Auckland district.   The overall aim of the Auckland DHB Maori Health plan is to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities for Māori through quality prevention, assessment and treatment services for Māori that take a whānau ora approach.

The principles that underpin the Auckland DHB plan are:

  • Commitment to manawhenua
  • Whānau ora
  • Health equity
  • Self-determination
  • Indigeneity
  • Ngā kaupapa tuku iho
  • Whole-of-DHB responsibility
  • Evidence-based approaches

The Auckland DHB Maori Health Plan includes the National & Regional indicators detailed above, and also has its own Regional & local Priorities;

Regional Priorities – Auckland DHB

  • Data collection across the Māori mental health and addictions sector to inform workforce planning
  • Whānau ora service development
  • Build the leadership capability of the Māori health workforce
  • Develop a joint work programme in Māori health
  • Increase iwi involvement in Auckland DHB activities
  • Reduce Did Not Attends (DNAs)
  • Reduce the rates of rheumatic fever among Māori children and whānau

Local Priorities – Auckland DHB

  • Develop school-based programmes that reach children and adolescents early
  • Increase percentage of Māori pre-school aged children accessing oral health services
  • Implement year one Tikanga Strategic Plan priorities